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Questions To Ask When Screening A Potential Roommate

In these tough economic times, sharing the rent and utilities with a roommate is often the only practical way to afford a decent apartment, but finding the right person to share your personal space can be difficult. Having a best friend or a sibling willing to share living expenses is ideal, though still no guarantee of domestic bliss. One thing is certain, choosing the wrong roommate can be a nightmare.

However, there are some questions to ask any potential living partner that will help you to make the best possible choice.

Choosing The Right Roommate

  • Have a get to know each other meeting. Get together for a cup of coffee with your potential roommate so you can each find out a little about each other. Ask questions like those below, but don’t turn it into an interrogation.

  • What do they do? You probably don’t want to ask specifically how much they make, but ensure they can afford the expenses, have a regular income and not a sporadic one, and what their work hours are.

  • Do they smoke and/or party? This is a fair question, and one most people will answer honestly. Obviously this could be a deal breaker depending on how you feel about such things.

  • Do they have pets? If you like animals or have pets yourself, this may be Ok, but consider how they will interact with your own pets. And you might not care for that pet tarantula or boa constrictor sharing your home.

  • Will they share all the expenses? It’s possible they may not use Internet or cable, and won’t want to pay for them.

  • How long are they staying? Do they only want to stay for a few months or longer? Are they willing to sign a co-lease?

  • Are they willing to share food? They might have different eating habits, such as if they work nights, and prefer you each buy your own.

  • Will they be having guests? Although a bit personal, you need to know if they’ll be having overnight guests, or have a partner that might move in.

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