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Document Distress: When Paper Gets out of Control

Before the advent of the computer, small businesses had mountains and mountains of paperwork. In their premises, you would find a file room that was specifically for paperwork, and this file room would have rows and rows of shelves, covered in piles of paper.

Woe unto you if you were disorganized! If you needed a file, it could take hours to find it, which was unfortunate if you had a tight deadline. With the addition of computers, organization and management of paperwork for a small business has been made much easier, especially if you use a document management service.

Disadvantages of Traditional Paper Management Methods

Traditional paper management methods require an excessive amount of time to access the data. If the system was not organized, chances are that you would end up wasting even more time while looking for the data you wanted.

Editing and sharing information using traditional systems was difficult. Once the files were accessed, their hard copy paper format made them difficult to edit and share efficiently.

In adition to being a time-suck and an inefficient way to store data, tradtional hard copies lend themselves to becoming out-of-order easily. If a single file or piece of paper was misplaced, it could lead to confusion, duplication, and even the loss of data.

Advantages of Using Professional Data Management Services

Easy backup.

Depending on the software that you are using, you can easily backup your data. This can be on the Cloud or use Google's backup system, or it can be on a given backup location on the software. Even in the event of a system crash, you will often be able to access your data.


The data when using data management services is organized by default. Even when you place a file in the wrong spot, you can easily access and restore it to its expected location. Therefore, time is saved when looking for data.

Use by multiple persons.

The software used to store data can be accessed by multiple computers at the same time. For this reason, multiple persons can access the data and files simultaneously, which is an advantage over the traditional methods.

Easy to edit.

When a mistake has been made in the entry of data, it can be easily corrected. The easy accessibility of the data makes it just as easy to correct.

Protection is provided by the data management service.

The main fear by most small businesses is the fear of data loss. The software provided by most data management services for small business come with defense against the corruption of the data by internal and external malware.

Data management services are perfect for any business that wishes to have an organized and effective file system.

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