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Welcome! I’m Kevin Hanson, President & CEO of Gate City Bank. Throughout my 38 years with the Bank, I’ve had the opportunity to be part of a growing organization. We’re dedicated to providing a welcoming atmosphere and making the lives of our customers and team members better by investing in them and our communities For a Better Way of Life.® That is our mission and our legacy – and it will never change. Gate City Bank has 43 locations in 22 communities throughout North Dakota and central Minnesota, with more than 735 team members who are ready to guide you and support you. We truly believe in making a difference every day through our unique culture and innovative products and services. For the past 98 years, we’ve been excited to serve our customers and communities with contributions such as FREE ATMs that have saved our customers $43 million, more than $30.6 million in philanthropic giving and BetterLife™ Student Loans that have saved customers $25 million in interest. Additionally, we’re the #1 mortgage lender in North Dakota with locally approved, financed and serviced home loans. We’re proud to carry on our legacy of servant leadership, community giving, innovation, empowerment and fun. In the years to come, we’ll continue to make a difference by creating a better way of life for our customers, communities and team members.

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