5 Ways to Get Your Full Security Deposit Back

5 Ways to Get Your Full Security Deposit Back

When you find the perfect apartment and put down the security deposit, you’re probably already thinking about how to get it back. When you move out, the last thing you want to find out is that your deposit is not actually going to be returned. The good news is that whether or not you get your full deposit back is up to you. Make sure you’re eligible for the return of your full deposit with these five recommendations.

Read Your Lease

Getting your security deposit back is one of the many reasons you should read your lease carefully. By combing through the paperwork, you can find out what is required of you in terms of apartment maintenance and giving notice when you plan to move out, so you don’t gamble your deposit on an easily avoidable mistake.

Complete Your Move-In Checklist

When you move in, inspect the apartment for damages and make notes of any issues you find. It can also be helpful to take pictures. Provide this information to your landlord and get him or her to sign off on your list. This checklist will prevent you from getting blamed for damage done by the last tenant.

Clean Before You Move

Your apartment should be in the same condition on the day you move out as it was when you moved in. This means thoroughly cleaning your unit and making any small repairs that may be necessary, such as tightening loose cabinets. After you’re done cleaning, take photos of the space, so you have proof of the condition in which you left it.

Have a Final Walk-Through

Before you turn in your keys, ask your landlord to walk through your apartment with you. He or she can point out any issues you may have overlooked, so you can correct them before you leave.

Leave Your New Address

Your landlord can’t return your security deposit if he or she can’t find you. Be sure to leave a forwarding address so that you get your check.

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