Apartment Hunting? Know When You'll Get The Best Value

Apartment Hunting? Know When You’ll Get the Best Deal

When you’re looking for a new apartment, getting the best deal is probably near the top of your list of requirements. By timing your search just right, you can score the best possible deal on rent on an apartment you love with the amenities you want. Here is what you need to know about the right time to get a great deal on an apartment.

Skip Summer Time
The summer months are the most popular time for moving. Kids are out of school then, making it the perfect time for families to move. Although all of the transitions during this time mean that it can be easy to find an apartment, it also means that rents can be at their highest, because of the increased demand. Winter is the best time to find a good deal on an apartment, but you can still do better than summertime rates if you shop for an apartment in spring and fall.

Search in the Middle of the Month
The first day of the month and the last day of the month are both top transition times for apartments, so while available units are high, units are also in demand. Instead of searching with the crowd, start looking for apartments in the middle of the month. Property managers will be motivated to fill unrented units before the start of the next month, so they are willing to give the best deals. You may be able to score an even better deal if you can move in right away.

Look Later in the Day
Most people start looking for apartments first thing in the morning, but you could get a better deal by waiting until later in the day. When it’s late in the day, property managers will want to fill units that they had hoped to rent—this is especially true later in the day at the end of the month. They could offer a deal to get you to sign.

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