Easy Packing Hacks for Moving

No matter how much you’re looking forward to living in your new home in Fargo, ND, the move itself is never anyone’s idea of a good time. It can be exhausting to organize and pack up everything, and then unpack at your new place. With the following moving hacks, however, you can make the process much simpler!

Leave clothes on their hangers. 

It’s very time consuming to take all of your clothes off their hangers, fold them, and pack them, only to unpack and put them all back on hangers again. Instead, grab a few clean garbage bags for packing. Leaving the hangers on the closet rod, separate them into bunches of about 10. Hold open a garbage bag and slide it up over the clothes, tying it off at the hangers. Repeat for each bunch of clothes.

Don’t use suitcases for your clothes.

People often use suitcases to pack up jeans and other clothes for the move. Instead, pack every clothing item that isn’t on a hanger into boxes. Use your suitcases for heavy items, like books. Since your suitcases already have wheels, you won’t strain your back moving your heaviest items.

Cut handles into boxes.

The cardboard boxes you can purchase at a retail shop do not typically have handles, but you can cut your own. Just use a utility knife to cut out a handle on each side of the boxes so that you can easily carry them into your new apartment.

Use all available space.

Some of the items you’ll box up are storage items, like Tupperware containers. Put them to good use by filling them with small odds and ends. You can do the same with cooking pots. This can help cut down on the number of boxes you’ll have to move.

Color-code your boxes.

People often use markers to label boxes, but it can be a hassle trying to find the marker every time you finish packing a box. Instead, purchase a few sheets of solid-colored stickers in different colors. Assign each room a color. Then, just tag the side of each box with the appropriate sticker.

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