How to Furnish Your Office Space With Your Employees in Mind

Could it be time for a change at the office? Perhaps you are setting up an office for the first time, regardless, a well-thought-out office offers clear returns. When you keep employees in mind during the process, you can create a space that is comfortable, convenient, and that is conducive to productivity, while instilling a vibe that makes your team want to show up for work.

Set-up a new office or workspace with your valued employees in mind:

The furniture. Mix and meld pieces that are both functional and stylish. Choose earth tones and natural elements, like stone, wood, and water to create an inspiring place to work.

The atmosphere. The atmosphere of your workplace can make a big difference in your staff’s attitudes and motivation. Promote movement with distinct areas and work-stations that provide the flexibility to move around. Open floor-plans can hinder productivity, creating visual clutter that can distract and cause inconvenience to your team.

The supplies. Consider your storage first, and then think about supplies second. Designate an area for your office goods and supplies, and stay organized by keeping it well-stocked and tidy. Don’t make employees waste valuable time searching for paper or ink for the printer.

The comforts. Provide for your staff with a few creature-comforts, such as high-grade water dispensers and coffee machines. Include some healthy, natural elements like living-plants, a good view, and as much natural sunlight as possible.

The productivity. Keep printers, copiers, and other office equipment organized on shelves and in stations that are convenient for staff to use. Did you know that the color of the room can have an impact on motivation? Choose cool neutrals to evoke an invigorating, modern feeling, or select reds to induce energy and contribute to productivity.

Use these tips to create a workspace that is both inviting and productive. Talk with furniture merchants about the best interior designs and pieces to put your employees in work-mode! See A & B Business Solutions for more insight!