How to Handle Noisy Neighbors

How to Handle Noisy Neighbors

Moving into a new apartment should be an exciting process. You get to decorate a new space, find local hotspots, and meet your neighbors. Unfortunately, some of your neighbors might not realize how much noise they’re making—or that you can hear it in your own apartment. Keep reading to learn how to deal with noisy neighbors:

Gently Knock on the Wall

Your neighbors probably aren’t being loud to intentionally bother you—in fact, they might not realize that you can hear them at all. If you want to quickly let your neighbors know that you can hear them and you’d like them to quiet down a bit, then you can simply knock on your shared wall. This will hopefully be enough to let your neighbors know that they need to keep things a little quieter.

Politely Ask Them to Keep it Down

If knocking on the wall doesn’t do the trick, then consider meeting with your neighbor face-to-face. You can knock on their door or strike up a conversation when you see them in a common space. Stay polite and avoid being confrontational; you don’t want to make your neighbor feel bad, you simply want to let them know that you can hear them when you’re in your apartment and the noise can make it hard to work or sleep.

Come Up with a Plan

Everyone should feel free to do what they want in their apartment, but it’s also important to be aware of your neighbors. Instead of simply asking your neighbor to stop playing music or whatever activity you can hear through your walls, try to come up with a plan that works for both of you. Talk about your schedules and figure out the best times for your neighbor to enjoy his or her favorite activities without affecting your sleep or work.

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