How to Split Cleaning Duties with a Roommate

How to Split Cleaning Duties with a Roommate

Living with a roommate is a great way to maintain a social connection and to cut down on the bills. However, splitting the bills also means splitting everything else in your apartment, including the cleaning duties. Dividing up the cleaning has led to many a roommate argument in the past, so how can you keep your place clean while also keeping the peace? These tips for splitting up duties will help.

Discuss Cleaning Before Signing the Lease

When you decide to share an apartment with a roommate, talk about your attitudes about cleaning before you sign the lease. People can have radically different ideas about what it means to clean, and some people are more lax about tidiness than others. Neither one of you will be happy if you’re constantly at odds about what condition to keep your apartment in, so talk about it before you move in together. Don’t assume that you’re on the same page simply because your roommate is a friend. This is also a good time to decide how you will handle paying for things like paying for cleaning products.

Create a Schedule

The easiest way to make sure that you and your roommate split up cleaning duties evenly and that everyone is clear on their responsibilities is to make a schedule. Talk about preferences and decide who will do what, and then post a schedule on the refrigerator that you can each check off when the work is done. This will keep you accountable and avoid the need for future debates over who is carrying too much of the load.

Address Problems as They Arise

If you have a problem with how cleaning is going in your apartment, speak up as soon as possible. Letting the issue go will cause your frustration to increase, and you may end up having a much more intense confrontation than anticipated because of it.

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