Organizational Tips for Maximizing Space in Your Walk-In Closet

For many apartment seekers, a walk-in closet is an amenity they don’t want to live without. It offers tons of storage space for all of your stuff, which will help you keep your bedroom clutter-free. As roomy as walk-in closets are, you’ll still need an organizational system. Otherwise, as with any other area in the home, it can become cluttered and messy. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your storage space.


Use storage bins.

Depending on the layout of your space, you’ll likely have a series of shelves or perhaps one long shelf that extends along the uppermost part of the closet. This is a prime area for storage bins. You could also use baskets, but be sure to stick with baskets that have a square or rectangular shape to get the most use out of your available space.


Organize by eye level.

A well-organized closet should let you find what you’re looking for quickly. Place items that you use most often at eye level or within easy reach. Use the top rods and shelves for items that are out of season, and rotate your items as needed as the seasons change. You could also use a large storage chest for seasonal items. Tuck it out of the way underneath the closet rod or beneath a lower shelf, if it’ll fit.


Use vacuum storage bags.

Vacuum storage bags are an excellent tool for storing bulky items without taking up a lot of space. They’re particularly ideal for storing extra blankets during the spring and summer. Just make sure the item you’re storing is completely dry before folding it up and tucking it into the bag. Use your vacuum cleaner to suck the air out of the bag.


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