Should You Share an Apartment with a Friend?

It’s time to move into a new apartment , but you don’t want to live alone. Sharing an apartment with a friend can be a great way to get a new roommate and enjoy this experience, but it can also come with some negatives.

Pro: You already know each other.

Moving is a stressful process and moving in with a total stranger can make things even more stressful. You can avoid the nerves associated with meeting and moving in with someone you don’t know by moving in with a friend instead. You already know that you like spending time together and are comfortable around one another, so living together can be a great next step.

Con: You might have to confront your friend.

You and your friend get along, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be totally compatible as roommates. If your friend doesn’t clean as often as you’d like or is too loud late at night, then you might have to sit down and talk to her about the issues you’re having. Confrontation is always a possibility between roommates.

Pro: You can share responsibilities and expenses.

One of the biggest benefits of having a roommate is being able to share responsibilities and expenses. Many people find it easier to talk about how to split up chores and bills with people they already know, which can make a friend a great roommate.

Con: Your friendship can be negatively affected.

Some people find it more difficult to talk to friends about splitting chores and bills. Unfortunately, if you and your roommate don’t have good communication or respect one another’s wishes, then you might end up losing your friendship.

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