Tips for Living with a Roommate Who Has Food Allergies

Living with a roommate is a great way to get your own place while also cutting expenses. Before moving in together into a new apartment, it’s always a good idea to have an honest discussion with your roommate about each other’s expectations, routines, and needs. You should ask if there’s anything you should know about, like if your new roommate has food allergies.

Get the details about the allergies.

You should know exactly which foods your roommate is allergic to. Some people are allergic to multiple foods. You might need to post a list of allergens on the refrigerator if it’s a lot to remember. You should also ask your roommate about the severity of his or her allergies. Some people who are very allergic to peanuts can experience an allergic reaction just by inhaling peanut dust and particles. If this is the case, then the apartment will need to be completely peanut-free.

Designate storage space in the kitchen.

You and your roommate should agree to divvy up the shelves in the refrigerator. If you each have your own storage space, there is less of a risk that allergen-free food will get mixed up with non-safe food. The same applies to the kitchen cabinets. While the two of you get accustomed to the new arrangements, you might want to stick Post-It notes on fridge shelves and cupboards to indicate which roommate has custody of them.

Use different kitchen implements.

If your roommate has severe food allergies, you may need to use different sets of kitchen utensils, flatware, and food prep equipment. For example, if your roommate has an allergy to gluten, you’ll need to use separate toasters. Wooden cutting boards also tend to harbor food allergens, even after they’ve been cleaned.

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