Top Tips for Planning Your Move

Top Tips for Planning Your Move

Moves can be extremely stressful, but contrary to popular belief, they don’t have to be that way. The key to making your move exciting—rather than stressful—is smart planning. If you take the time to plan for your move, you can ensure that the process will be efficient, calm, and productive. If you’ve found your perfect apartment and moving day is coming up, these tips will help you plan for a stress-free experience.

Start Early

The easiest way to sabotage a move is to wait to start planning and packing. By starting early, you can give yourself plenty of time to execute the steps necessary to make your move go smoothly. Plus, you’ll have time to deal with any surprises that may arise. For example, if your moving day is on a popular weekend for moving, planning early will ensure that you can get a moving truck and that you get it for the exact window of time you want. Starting early also gives you the maximum amount of time to pack, so you can do so at your leisure instead of frantically throwing things into boxes the night before.

Set Up Your Utilities

This step is surprisingly easy for people to overlook, but often, your landlord won’t even give you the keys to your apartment without proof that the utilities are in your name. As soon as you know your move-in date, set up new accounts or arrange for the transfer of your existing accounts. It will help you avoid serious bumps in the road on moving day.

Make Arrangement for Kids and Pets

No matter how much planning is involved, moving day will be stressful for kids and pets, so make alternative arrangements for them. Set up a play date for kids or see if they can stay with family while you move. Pets should also ideally stay in daycare or with a family member or friend. Many stressed pets are lost on moving day, as they run or hide to get away from the noise and activity.

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