Update Your Bath With Microban Technology

Today's bathroom styles are adding a touch of luxury using efficient designs. Microban technologies introduce style, durability, and affordability to bathroom remodeling – it’s designed to last. You can transform an outdated or cramped bathroom space into a beautiful room using Microban technology, the latest trend that fights odors and bacteria growth.

Microban fixtures, decorations, and appliances are fingerprint and stain resistant - offering a sparkling image throughout the day or night. Bathroom surfaces are cleaner with these new fungi free solutions.

Microban technology raises the level of cleanliness for surface and airborne moisture particles thriving on countertops, shower doors, and bathtub tiles. Persistent water accumulation leads to deterioration and poses a potential damage to the interior walls of the home. How many times have we seen mold in the corners of bathroom tiles, discoloring the grout and sealants, creating unpleasant appearances and stale smells?

Remember that luxury comes in all sizes, whether you prefer a solo shower or a combination bath and shower; there's a fit with just the right features for making this room your own. At the end of the day, this is your home and your bath, so capture the style that matches you and your image of the perfect bathroom. Add your own personal character and let new technology help create your space and work to keep it cleaner for you.


It is difficult keeping the bathroom dry and odor free with uncertain temperature changes and moisture conditions. You don't have to sacrifice elegance for function or cleanliness. Call Luxury Bath today for a free estimate to upgrade your bathroom today!