Walk-in Tubs: Where Style and Safety Soak Together

A walk-in tub provides a great alternative to navigating the challenges of a conventional tub, because it is designed so that a person does not have to lie down to bathe. The walk-in tub comes with a door located either on its side or on its front, and it is much deeper than a regular bathtub. Users can use a handheld shower nozzle to bathe themselves while they sit, or they can fill the tub with water, as the door to the tub is watertight.

Features and Installation

A walk-in tub can provide a taste of luxury, as they can also be outfitted with whirlpool jets. The tubs are designed to be fitted into the space where the current bathtub resides, and they are a convenient choice, too, as the bathtub remodel can be completed in a day. A walk-in tub can also feature comfortable seating and grab handles so that the user will not be prone to dangerous falls while in the shower. In addition, the threshold is much lower than on a traditional tub, making it easier to enter and exit. Some models also come with power seats! Your walk-in tub can easily be matched to suit your decor and taste.

Who Can Benefit From A Walk-in Bath Tub?

Everybody values their independence, including senior citizens, and a walk-in tub provides a way for them to enjoy the comforts of home while also being safe. A walk-in bathtub can also be helpful for people who experience chronic pain, muscle spasms, or suffer from arthritis. It is useful for anyone who has mobility issues or who experiences weakness to the point where standing is difficult.

Walk-in tubs can also be immensely helpful for caretakers, as it will make bathing their loved ones less labor intensive, and because it will give them peace of mind. It can also be very relaxing for someone who is disabled to sit and enjoy a true bath or shower, helping to improve their overall quality of life.

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