Fergus Falls Livestock Auction Market is the newest, state-of-the-art Livestock Auction Market in Minnesota, open since 2002. *Drive thru Loading & Unloading *Catwalk for Buyers to view consignments *Computerized ring scale *Complimentary coffee We hold a Sale every Tuesday. Selling all Classes of Cattle - Slaughter Cows, Fat Cattle, Baby, Started Calves, Feeder, Dairy Cattle Please try to get your cattle consigned as early as possible so that we can include them in our extensive advertising program, as much of our advertising goes out over two weeks in advance. We are always glad to come out and look at your cattle and give you an estimate! For an on-the-farm estimate or current market info call 218-998-0561. Please call ahead with consignments, so we can let our buyers know. For an on-farm estimate of what your livestock will bring, please contact the Fergus Falls Livestock Auction Market in Fergus Falls, MN at 218-998-0561