Established in 2017, Indigenous Visioning, LLC has over 60 years of combined experience working within Indian Country and across government systems. We have worked tirelessly to bring the tribal voice to state and national work that affects indigenous communities. We understand tribal communities because we are professionals from tribal communities. Indigenous Visioning has the capacity to understand how state and federal policies affect Tribal Nations and how relationships are critical in developing policies that affect sovereignty. We are committed to changing opportunity gaps through innovative and culturally relevant solutions that are led by tribal communities. Indigenous Visioning was established with a mission to build stronger tribal communities through local, regional, state and national partnerships. We are a native-owned organization that not only want to support tribal communities and partnerships but wish to positively impact the experiences of children and families within tribal communities. Indigenous Visioning believes in bringing initiatives to scale and meeting communities where they are. We do this by establishing partnerships with Tribal leaders and community agencies. Through grassroots efforts, Indigenous Visioning will support communities in their work by expanding and building on what they already know and the resources they have. Our strong cultural base promotes the importance of language and cultural teachings in all that we do. We focus our work around leadership, advocacy, culture, and civic engagement.

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