Bro Halff is a Hawaii and North Dakota artist who is known for his watercolors and poetry. Born in 1946, he was raised in Dallas, Texas, and educated in Texas, New Hampshire, Maryland, and California. He has lived in Dallas, Washington, DC, Kansas City, the Bahamas, Spain, Peru, Baltimore, Malibu, San Diego, Hawaii, and Bismarck, ND. Since 1972, he has pursued a career of writing, in several genres, including lyrical and visual poetry, and of painting and sculpting. His visual poetry fuses linguistic, visual and sculptural elements into beautiful artworks, which give each poem a spatial reality. The central theme of his lyrical poetry is the celebration of human diversity and of nature. His watercolors depict, with radiant colors and bold composition, rural, urban and small-town America. He recently completed two books of poetry, prose sketches, and watercolors of North Dakota. Another work of poetry and pen-and-ink drawings, Seasonal Delights, was published by the Mellen Poetry Press in 1999. Mr. Halff currently resides on Kauai, in Hawaii.

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