Darin Peterson is a Realtor with Pifer’s Auction & Realty specializing in farm, ranch, and hunting land in North Dakota and Western Minnesota. Darin grew up in rural North Dakota and worked extensively on his grandfather's family farm and assisted neighboring farmers and ranchers. Darin’s background in agriculture, as well as his experience in telecommunication services gives him a broad knowledge base to help determine land values and market potential. Darin and his wife, Cally, live on a ranch north of Dawson and enjoy hunting, fishing and attending Vikings games in their spare time. Darin is located out of Pifer's Auction Center of North America in Steele, ND. Steve represents Pifer’s Auction & Realty as our broker, specializing in farm, ranch, and hunting land. Steve has an educational and professional background in land management and farm and ranch operations. Prior to joining Pifer’s he was a wildlife consultant and involved in land management. He grew up on a grain farm near Milan, MN. Steve graduated with a degree in Natural Resource Management from North Dakota State University.

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